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Proposition 10, The Children and Families Act, passed in 1998 and authorized the State of California to tax cigarettes $.50 per pack. The revenue from this tax, approximately 700 million annually is distributed to all counties in proportion to their birth rates. Small counties like Sierra, receive a minimum allocation to establish a commission and conduct the business of distributing revenues for the health, education and welfare of 0-5 year olds and their families. Sierra County Children and Families Commission was established in 2000 and has continued to assess the highest needs of Sierra County ‘s 0-5 population and direct available Prop.10 funds to serve those identified needs.

About Sierra County

Sierra County is a mountainous, rural county of 953 square miles in the Sierra Nevada mountains north of Lake Tahoe. Sierra County’s population is 3,550: 175 0-5 year olds. The schools are in declining enrollment, but continue to have strong academic programs. The largest community is Loyalton with a population of 850. Agriculture, tourism and government comprise the primary economy.


Mission Statement

First 5 Sierra will effectively implement Prop. 10 funding for improvement of the health, school readiness and well being of Sierra County ‘s prenatal to five year olds and their families.

Vision Statement

First 5 Sierra envisions a continuum of appropriate and integrated health, education and recreational support services from prenatal to old age for a balanced and sustainable Sierra County community.


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